Fine Functional Furniture

FN = Fine Art x Function

What is the most we can make with the least? We strive to make the most elegant, useful, simple, affordable, sturdy and comfortable furniture from the most sound and common materials with the least waste of resources and energy. The Function (Fn) of our products is key.  

Fn Furniture was established in September 2017 to produce and distribute 99% furniture.  


99% Furniture

The 99% Project seeks to use 99% of a standard sheet of plywood to make furniture, so the parts nest together like a puzzle, and we are not creating waste. The project was inspired by the ingenuity, resourcefulness and values of the Occupy Movement.  


Fit and Finesse

Our seating is designed to support bottoms and backs in healthy alignment. Not the strict verticality of meditation, but the curves of good, comfortable posture. The designs are guided by yogic principles. The angles, surfaces and spaces of the furniture encourage comfort, healthy alignment, and energetic flow.